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So tired…yet must rant…


Okay, so there was a problem with Keenspace’s automatic updater.  You people were supposed to get two new comics, and did not.  I was camping over the weekend, and failed to notice this, so when I got back, there were quite a few messages calling me a slacker and demanding updates.  Know that I am a slacker.  I am a highly lazy person, or would like to be.  But my busy schedule prevents it.  So, yes, the problem has hopefully been fixed, and you should have comics soon.  Probably as soon as I update.  Which will be soon.  UPDATE:  As you know, the new comics are NOT up.  Don’t know why.  @$#%.


W00t!  Chris Miszczak, who draws the comic ‘Just Weird’, linked me!  Go to his site, and tell him he’s a good artist, and give him mad props for the massive amount of coolness his comic has.  Thanks, Chris!


So, you still have time to send me site designs.  E-mail me for more info.


If this has updated properly, you should have learned a little more about our Lady In Red.  Like I mentioned (or did I?  I meant to) the LIR was based on Tissa, a friend of mine.  She’s not very interested in webcomics, although she’s a ‘Johnny The Homicidal Maniac’ fan, so I doubt whether I can get her to post a rant someday.  If I can, I will. 

I have too much to do today to rant more.  So goodbye, and send me mail!


Nikki says:

I just had one of those days today.  Today all of the side effects of the medicine I’m taking caught up with me.  And with my puppy on top of it, I went insane for about two hours.  If you wanna see twitching, you should have seen me today. 


Tissa came over last night.  And, as Jess already told you, she was not interested in the website.  The only thing she had to say was she liked her (the lady in red)’s earrings. 


I was attempting to draw something for Jessica today, but it turned out badly.  I kept having to look up to see if my dog was ‘going’.  So, I decided to try a newer, simpler style, less anime, less perfect proportions, much more cartoonish than normal.  So, if you ever see any of my art, that’s what it SHOULD be looking like. 


I was watching QBC the other day, and it was the electronics show.  My father saw something he just had to buy, even though he’s been insulting QBC the entire week.  What he purchased is not only going to be helpful, but is going in my room.  He purchased an all-in-one color printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine (jess says:  YES!  I can finally do work at your house!).  And for Jessica’s information, that’s NOT what he got it for.  (too bad)  He got it so I can send pictures down to my mother in LA so she can see how my drawing is progressing.  As soon as I get it, I’m going to start scanning my work into the computer.  And hopefully Jess will teach me how to do some coloring programs so I can make it look better than colored pencil. 


One last note before I go.  Bertie Botts Every Flavor beans are fun and dangerous simultaneously.  Do not eat Sardine.  That is all.




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